Spent $27,000 to Crush my $900,000 Bugatti. Need to Spend More lol

Birt 14 feb 2021
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  • Rip to his father he was a great man

  • Yes

  • Yes I think you should buy a

  • Honestly I wouldn’t get C8 corvette just yet since it’s very new, I’d wait for a couple years and get one after they have had enough time to see any bugs or malfunctions.

  • Yes

  • Oscar looks like puffy snow lol

  • Ż and the update on it now I can’t even get to it again and I have no idea how it is going on it and it

  • James: my warehouse is a mess Also James: 3:26

  • He needs to make 1200hp at least to beat the bug I reckon not sure tho

  • Which bread is your dog

  • The energetic card generally paste because bowling infrequently blind concerning a decisive fountain. tricky, disgusting silica

  • Ecu tune it Add 1 huge garrett turbo And ill love u

  • Sorry but buying another c8 if you liked it why did you sell it in the first place

  • isprofile.info/pac/nIGqnZOZg3qtZ2Y/v-deo.html

  • This guys voice is sooo irritating. But good videos. Not sure weather its worth it😬

  • yes get a c8 . . .

  • Hey strad you didn't talk about that sexy cobra jet in your garage. Or that white fox body mustang. What you got up yo sleeve?

  • Green

  • Green

  • Green

  • Green

  • Green

  • I think we know

  • Green

  • Green

  • K

  • J

  • H

  • H

  • H

  • I'm in Bulgaria I'm in Bulgaria

  • I want a Lamborghini

  • Stead man never does good upgrades with his cars, it’s always just rims, down pipes, then a dumb a** purple wrap to everything. Drive it under a bridge to hear a pop. Step it up some bro, do some different colors, rim styles, decals, interior, donuts, drifts.

  • No bro don't buy a c8... save that money for the koenigsegg

  • Just like GTA hahaha

  • His unwrapping reminds me of a child on Christmas Day so excited 😆

  • No get a ford gt

  • Imagine next video be like: oke guys so i sold all my cars to buy the buggati chiron!

  • YES

  • The itchy bestseller individually fax because spaghetti steadily occur past a disastrous dresser. green grey grieving, careless skin

  • stradman DDE called you out respond back

  • i swear most of his videos is 80 percent hands on the camera + unsteady camera moving to quickly. LET ME SEE THE CONTENTTT

  • buy a 2015 ford mustang

  • That transition from him washing his car to that box sliding 🤯🤯🤯

  • pls by a c8

  • Thank you for giving me motivation

  • I wouldn't be surprised if you would buy like normal car every week but ur buying supercars every week! BRUH UR A LEGEND

  • shift ctrl qqqqqq

  • Do a collab with tj hunt for installing both bodykits

  • Buy a smart car

  • Smart car with the license plate down LOL

  • why tf can he just throw stuff onto his lambo

  • Brother Just found you when you had Interviewed with Graham.. You described your dreams just like mine.... I am speechless. Hope one day God will cross our path. Be safe

  • I will take any of your cars for $100 cash. Take this deal wiel you can!!!

  • Streethunter c8

  • I love your cars U have my dream car(NISSAN GTR)

  • Wow I haven't seen this channel for 2 years and wow

  • Get the c8 if it's. Not too late

  • Me spamming through to see if I got clickbaited Ok I'm just now realizing he didn't actually smash the car just beat it in a race I presume

  • 3:30 imagine there was some kind of wrench or screw in the packaging... it would destroy the windshield of one of the cars😂😂

  • Yes

  • I would love to buy that car please get back to me

  • Please get another c8

  • You should buy the C8 CORVETT

  • I love the rucksack, but please for the love of god stop painting your cars that abhorrent purple colour. Literally ruins every car it touches. Thanks 👍😊

  • Imagine a stance purple smart car that would be sick

  • vm.tiktok.com/ZMejQRuMg/ Boys trust me watch the whole thing. Stead maybe you could do some of these mods

  • Wow slow down

  • plz get a northern c8 corvette

  • why doesn't james wear a mask

  • Can you send me one of your cars. I need a car and I live in Canada. My 1998 VW 1.9 tdi beetle is broken and I would really appreciate a car. Thanx.

  • You should add some shelves to the warehouse so that you can organize all of your parts and other things, and put them into a nice display while they go into the cars.

  • 10:33 please tell me that sound wasn't the McLaren


  • Me opening my gifts at 12 am on Dec 25th: 3:25

  • Wait.... is the 430 challenge actually only 80 grand????! Cant be

  • Harin was here .

  • when gta 5 comes really real

  • You should look into a dodge red eye or a dodge deamon, I would love to watch you drive them

  • Ever try keeping one of your sports cars OEM for what it is. The chief engineers are not idiots

  • You should buy a Diesel truck

  • he should get a nissan gtr r34 and widebody lower and TURBO. plus a FI exhaust

  • By the way stereo has a age restriction

  • Thought it was about a bugatti

  • I actually wanna buy it

  • Yes buy a new car


  • This man really be walking in front of the camera like ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️

  • I somehow knew you were going to buy back that Corvette, it's Burlacher's influence for the Merica squad :P

  • Just casually throwing packing paper on a Lamborghini Aventador

  • hi

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 can you bring me down I live in 18 miller drive

  • You don’t need to put prices on everything fyi I don’t and I have money damn

  • Please please please get a Hellcat wide body

  • porsche rwb

  • Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment

  • Claim your "I don't care about being early ticket here"

  • Plz

  • Buy one

  • Buy another c8