Picking up my Friend from High School

Birt 4 mar 2021
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  • Damn are all those cars his?

  • One car. Which one you taking?

  • rip mr. strad

  • Clearly James owns fff

  • Rip to his father he was a great man

  • at6 4:04 oh hi what got me

  • What The Heck How Many Cars Do You Have XDDDD

  • Hey I live in Michigan can I have a car

  • Thank you for reminding us how bad our lives are. We’re in the midst of a pandemic and you’re driving around in luxury cars. Congratulations!

    • Ya dude just stfu

    • Dont sa stuff like this right now even if your joking, his dad just died and he's going through a extremely tough time

  • All Lamborghini in last is yours ns

  • All car is yours

  • Stupid

  • Buggati is Italian I don’t care what anyone says

    • Ok but forgot the part where someone asked. And it's French

  • Stop showing us your face

  • me seing the title buggati me seing a koneigsegg

  • why was there a koenigegg on the video

  • 金持ち!

  • Title is Bugatti to school even tho the thumbnail is a koniggseg

  • imagine mclaren let’s u test out a speed tail and u take it to mcdonald’s and eat chicken nuggets in it

  • Man you are the best I will be coming to UTAH to meet you man 👊

  • Title: high school Actually: middle school

  • I love your thumbnail!

  • Could you pin this comment? Yes or no.

  • How much money is all your cars worth?


  • strad... man..take the 05 GT, the 911,, or the gullwing. thall grab alot of attention. especially the old ones. adults will know about them more.

  • It is for New Zealand the McLean

  • how are you so rich you have so many cars lol what the he double hockey sticks

  • so how many cars are there ?

  • It's like you are billioner bro

  • So many of those houses in Utah look like theyre straight out of the Addams Family - some crazy designs going on over there haha

  • Nice car

  • Is this all your cars???

  • is this ur cars?

  • Actually its 2.25 Million

  • Johnny's whoa at 1:28

  • 11:23. That corolla tho 😍

  • Is there anyone can explain me about BTC investment

  • at 0:21 chiron be like: MOVE OUT BITCHH😒

  • Name ISprofile Account super car stradman

  • Who owns that blue xp3 car

  • 3:11 why is there someone screaming at me

  • 11:08 got to love all the exotic cars and that one corolla in that background

  • The next day: All of the students are Diamond diggers

  • This was on my birthday XD

  • He’s rich


  • Nick’s thighs probably numb cold blood flow is gone xD

  • My Wondering how the hell he gets the cars out of the garage.

  • Can we talk

  • Can we rm

  • Are these your cars

  • When the driver is 1000x more excited than Zack.

  • Make a Bugatti divo video

  • bro this guy has my 2 dream cars a ford gt and a coinsec

  • He said Bugatti 🥱

  • Kidults at their finest

  • It’s proubounced olen tnaj eee and I literally just went tho there high school for a track meet and passed that school how where those roundabouts

  • That huayra bc looks so mental😍 prettiest car of thr bunch with the mclaren👌🏼

  • Lol i don't even i mean my family don't even have a normal car

  • Yo thats a lot of car thats so expensive wtf

  • What car twoje ??!

  • You look a bit like Murry from impractical jokers 😱

  • Bro.. I am watching this video with my Earphones on... And i think u talk too much...😂 And the way you keep telling the big guy not to break the car.. You were actually down rating the car, So with that said i guess The car doesn't cost 4M...😂

  • Why does johnny sound like chris from mr beast 5:00

  • March first was my birthday 😂 boy had the luckiest day ever I bet

  • My guys garage is so huge there's an echo.


  • 10:38 tanks litterly have the best turning radius

  • Middle school, titles it highschool.

  • Wyd with kids huh

  • The tense guatemalan cytogenetically pine because ocean essentially train throughout a miniature cardigan. envious, many drive

  • Is it McLaren Airtrail???

  • Bugatti is from itali

  • reminds me of forza

  • And we have Mr french in the back 🤔 is a baguetti.

  • You have a lot of beutiful car

  • Columbus ohio gang 614

  • wow

  • them: eating on a 4million dollar car me: if i put my ass on this car ill never move cause im shy of it

  • Are we not gonna talk about the fact that it says Bugatti in the thumbnail but has a picture of a Koenigsegg Agera on the thumbnail- And then they take a McLaren then finally in the end they take the Bugatti 😂😂

  • 5:27 burrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn!!! xD

  • How did u get those cars are they his?

  • Um just found this channel I live in Columbus😑

  • The mclarens are my favorite

  • where do you get your cars

  • Thought stradman was talking about Tessa when I read the title of the video. 💀 jk

  • I think he might be rich

  • ur garage is bigger than my house XD

  • :/ im sad cuz me no have MEEEEGGGGGAAAAAA CAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! so gimme : /

  • is that all yours ??!?!!?

  • How tf u get the car out of the garage???

  • actually a tank is one of the best vehicles to turn with it has a different type of turning than cars that make it turn better than any car

  • Hey you guys can borrow my 1999 Corolla if you want

  • This guy RIIIIIIIIIIICH said the kid

  • How do you get all the money? I need tipzzz haha good content

  • i just take the bus lmao

  • Zack and his friend were like: ,,what the heck" while james was freaking out!!

  • it's crazy that the stradman averages about a million views per video

  • I swear to god , that garage right ther is GOALS!!