Taking my Supercar Collection to McDonalds

Birt 30 jún 2021
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  • dang those cars are epic bro love the videos

  • his rich white guy laugh is top tier lmaaooo

  • The acceptable pumpkin really preserve because popcorn tellingly suspend aside a second patch. pink, thin coach

  • ayo my dad has the white car in the background

  • this is by far the most self absorbed video i have ever seen


  • When your crush works on McDonald's

  • what is that ? at 8:54

  • Supercars? where? ae86? supra? skyline? rx7? mineta? (just a joke all car is good)

  • Biggest McDonald’s ever

  • Nice

  • The elite dryer informally encourage because font behaviourally smell round a skillful open. deserted, adamant cod

  • I live in utah and if I was just driving somewhere and I see 4 supercars I would flip

  • How much are you in Debt? And if ur not then how did you get the money for all the cars?

  • the boys after they do the gta heist

  • i like the cors

  • Watch them get Gapped by a honda civic with a laptop😂

  • As soon as it started I was like 🤨😞 why just why people rich 🤑 and look at me ☹️ 😆

  • love the rolls royce

  • are all of the cars yours?

  • Redline rip in a nutshell

  • I’ve never felt so poor in my life

  • ok so the day this video uploaded was my BIRTHDAy anddddddd i LoVe supercars ❤❤❤

  • bro he wears a size 13 and i’m 13 and wear a 12.5

  • We had a tornado 🌪

  • This man living in gta

  • God 🙏 loves you and we must spread his gospel ♥️

  • OMG YOUR SO RICH!!!😍😨👏👍👌

  • A

  • Bro what!?!? This mans shoe size is 13 and how old is he? Damn bro I’m about to be 18 and I got size 14 shoes 😭

  • First time watching your video but why do i feel like you've been in one of those what do you do for a living youtube video

  • McDonald’s workers be like”we now accept tips”

  • This guy's living in GTA 5

  • Other girls would think he's trying too hard if he 'Be's himself'.

  • Strads the 🐐

  • what modell is the red lambo with the white rims

  • Just a reminder Bugatti would smack every car in a race😀

  • Welcome to part 391 of stuff you will not see in your drive way

  • Why does he kinda look like Chris hemsworth?

  • It’s Royce with the Royce gold chain and the rolls Royce wow

  • Nobody:: ::these people being like all the uncles and dads at the family reunion

  • You have a Bugatti

  • I live in Utah to

  • Have u ever done a Lamborghini bull run? I have a Lamborghini URUS

  • “How to flex for dummies”

  • Burlacher made a video for my school

  • i seen all my fav cars except one a Mclaren thats my dream car and im going to get it when i get older no cap

  • This video is always sum I wanted to do with sum of my best friends if I do make it one day

  • Poor people seeing this vid😥

  • Fuckin guy tells his friend to change clothes

  • Fuckin guy tells his friend to change clothes

  • bro he looks like odell

  • Bro the rolls rois looks like a fennec of of rocket league

  • When the rich gta 5 player joins-

  • ayyooo peep the Evo 8 at 2:13

  • Ik the Utah Jazz kinda suck but it still my favorite NBA team

  • I am getting forza horizon flashbacks

  • That's why we play GTA or for me is why. Its never going to happen sadly to say, who says $ doesn't buy happiness!!!

  • Were u guys driving through Utah on the 24th?

  • I'm 13 yrs old and a size 12 in shoes, Royfe is only 1 size ahead

  • 3:22 did you say FAMILY 😏

  • ?.?

  • Such a big flexer

  • Yo he is a size 13 and I'm a size 14 at 12😳

  • I allmost cried to happy seing this ferraries,buckati/buggati and lamborgini bro i love your cars so bad like i really wanted one lambo and one buckati/buggati🤩🤩🤩🤩❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • When you wanna flex without flexing

  • Wow your cars so coolll your so rich i wish i am like you🥺🥺

  • that looks so fun

  • do you live in Utah cus i do

  • Can I have a car looks like it wouldn’t effect you at all

  • No one's gonna see this video! -the video: 2mill views

  • This is what I call real life fast and furious

  • Videos like this are nothing but flex

  • Heres when he does it 10:17

  • im a fan

  • Nice

  • Neighbors be looking

  • Car Meet And Cruise In Gta V Be Like...

  • 9:47 I couldn’t stop thinking about the scene from cars with the cool light up guys.


  • What s next macking my car collecton fly of a plain

  • 10:30 why you clicked on this vid

  • I saw a Bugatti and clicked. I’m happy now

  • Nice

  • I need a car. I'm a single Mom and my car just broke down. Please help me 🙏🏻

  • mans brought a urus to a supercar meet i mean i dont think thats a supercar.

  • How dose this man make this money dude because I want to do whatever he's doing to make the money

  • Bruh the ad is honda civic

  • Hes the guy in the middle of the night with the v8 engine

  • teach me how to own that many cars

  • Come to Australia and get a girl ere

  • Alternate title: Flexing My Super Cars!

  • Mans is drinking my favorite kind of VitaWater

  • When the Bois finally get on gta

  • Do I guys think he forgot about he’s blue Aventador or is it just me does he even drive it as musc any more

  • No better way to be reminded you work a minimum wage job and probably live in a shitty apartment with no future ahead of you than to have a multitude of super cars come through your drive thru you work at

  • He’s likes say less starts Bugatti up

  • Such a flex 😑

  • Playing greenvillie irl